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Review Options You Might Like On Your Ray Choi Autoharp...

    Ray Choi has named his autoharps after different songbirds, since each harp has a unique design, and each has a different appearance because Ray incorporates different woods, chord bars, sound holes. scrolling, fine tuners, strings, and diatonic or chromatic configurations. Below are numerous examples of Ray Choi's very special approach to the autoharp luthier's craft... 


The Lyrebird

Premium Hawaiian Koa wood has been carved to create the top and side of this very elegant autoharp. Alaskan Sitka spruce forms the back. The bridge is made of ebony, and the chord bar is cherry, with a Koa chord bar cover. The scrolled and curvaceous top is further enhanced with inlaid mother-of-pearl around the intricately carved sound hole.


The Meadow Lark

The arched top of this autoharp enhances this beautiful autoharp carved from Alaskan Sitka spruce. Other woods that can be substituted are Alaskan Yellow cedar, cherry, walnut and maple, all of which will produce a beautiful and full, resonant sound when handcrafted with Ray Choi’s internal design.


The Baltimore Orial

This beautiful autoharp is arched across the top with scrolling. The wing bridge is one piece.  The carved fish along the top side is a special feature of this harp. Special engraving along the lower side of the top adds more beauty. This autoharp is also available in your choice of the same quality woods (Sitka spruce, Alaskan yellow cedar, cherry, walnut, or maple.)


The Blackbird

Similar to, and a variation on the Baltimore Orial, but this version uses walnut for the top.


The Mockingbird

The straight, clean lines lend themselves well to the simple style of this more traditional autoharp, very similar to (mocking) a traditional Orthey or Diagle autoharp. This competitively-priced autoharp is created from the same quality wood (Sitka spruce, Alaskan yellow cedar, cherry, walnut or maple) and has the same quality full, resonant, and clear tone as all of Ray Choi’s autoharps.

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